Some people has opted out of updates and I can't reach them
Check out the campaign, its stretch goals and some other creators' recommendations
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Preparing for Zine Month 2023
With Revue closing down, we had to find another option
Hope everyone is having a great time! The Ferryman is out: an evocative coin-based solo journaling TTRPG about the thoughts remaining in your recently…
Hope everyone's doing fine. I've been trying to solve some personal situations, and that got me to take more time to get to publish my games. But here I…
Hello everyone! Today I come from the heart of the Fall to bring you this epistolar game that I'll be itchfunding to make better and more incredible…
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News by Fari RPGs
René-Pier Deshaies
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Pandion Letters
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Lucrécia Ludovico Alves

Armanda, The Lone Somm